Fuel Consumption Management

The FCM system is an integral management system of the energy efficiency developed for its implementation in professional fishing vessels and merchant fleet.

Its mission is saving fuel. For this purpose, the system manages the fuel cycle and also optimizes the energy consumption, either by indicating to the user the actions to be taken for its optimization, either by directly and automatically acting on the consumer elements.

The FCM system is composed of sensors and actuators elements and a robust and reliable control platform PLC-based (programmable logic controllers) and HMI (human machine interface). Variables will be real-time displayed and recorded in memory, and the system allows processes control to improve the energy efficiency.

The FCM system is a modular and flexible system which allows its remote management.

""The first measure of energy efficiency, fuel savings, is
the knowledge and awareness of the on board crew of how much,
where and how is spent.” "

The FCM system provides following functions:

  • Real-time data display:

    The system displays the most relevant data of the corresponding process.

  • Record of all the variables:

    The system creates a data record with “.csv” format in memory card.

  • Programmable alarms associated with each process:

    Every process and every variable has self-configurable associated alarms.

  • Graphics for the historical analysis of each data record:

    Each variable has its corresponding graphic for its historical analysis

  • Remote management:

    Technical service:
    (Diagnosis and updates service)
    Access and log files download

FCM System- Fuel Consumption Management:

  • Instant consumption:

    Consumption L/H and Euro/H

  • Average consumption:

    Programmable, daily, weekly, on route, in maneuver…

  • Engine regimen:

    RPMs, blade angle and exhaust temperature.

  • GPS connection:

    Speed, course and position.

  • Efficient routes management:

    Time VS Savings calculation algorithm for analysis of efficient route.

Set up your system…

The FCM system is completely modular and adaptable to any need or demand of the users. Torsion of the propeller shaft, trim and drafts, bunkering, temperature of water, oil, tunnels, holds…, pressures, pH and conductivity… Any process real-time monitored and recorded.

Available modules


Consumption of auxiliary engines
Daily consumption
Another main engine
Flow racking

Expansion module to contemplate other engines involving instrumentation of flow measurement.
Different sensors depending on the process.


Torque/Power of propeller shaft

This module provides the following information:

+ RPM of propeller shaft
+ Direction of shaft rotation
+ Power (kW)
+ Torque (Nm or µS/m)


Bunkering/Fuel loads

Module for the quality control of the fuel and also to avoid errors or fraud regarding the quantities delivered.


Inclination: Heeling and Trimming

Module which adds to the FCM system the functionality to measure the heeling and the vessel trim including the draft calculation.



Module that allows the monitoring and record of the parameters and variables involved in wire winches.


Powers. Electricity consumption

Module to incorporate information of the powers and electrical loads (electricity consumption: intensity and power) to the FCM system.



Module for temperature monitoring and recording. In the engine room: water, oil, exhausts, liners… Hold, Tunnels, Adaptations.
Possibility of connection to temperature recorders


pH and Conductivity

Module that allows continuous monitoring and recording of pH and conductivity of the cooling engine water.


Tank levels

Module for tanks monitoring and recording by providing volume and height of the fluid column.



Module for real-time monitoring and recording of any process pressures.


Fuel viscosity

Module that displays and records the viscosity values (mPa.s/cSt) and the fuel temperature.


Connection to electronic Wartsila engines

This module allows the FCM system  connect to an electronic Wartsila engine (with data output) and obtain the information supplied to be displayed and recorded.


Flexibility: Other variables

Modules customized to clients in order to meet specific monitoring and recording requirements.

Other options

The FCM system – Fuel Consumption Management can be installed in the touch screen size that meets better your needs.