The SILECRED systems allow the display and the automatic control of the maneuvers in which winches are used.

The system is directly applicable to any type of vessel (trawler, purse-seine/tuna vessel, tugboat…) and any type of winch or drive system (hydraulic or electric).

This flexibility is also applied by its degree of implementation and can be installed from a basic monitoring system to an advanced maneuvers automatic control system with different control modes.

SILECRED is a robust automation system based on PLC (programmable logic controllers) and HMI (human machine interface) technology that enables to the skipper a visually, intuitively and easily control of the whole maneuver.

The system is flexible and can be adapted to new requirements or specific needs of the clients. From basic monitoring systems to advanced management and multiple process control systems.


Process Information

Real time information and datalogger of winch maneuver variables are the best tools for the user to get the major efficency.

Automatic Control of the maneuver

Process automation aims to perform the maneuver optimally.

  • Safety Increasing

    Reducing the potential risks involved in manual operations.

  • Crew Managing

    Automatic control involves an unattended winch.


  • Damaged Reduction

    The constant tension avoids overtensions, so breaks and damages are prevented.

  • Fishing

    With different control modes to improve the fishing efficency.


SILECRED is a robust automation system based on PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI technology (Human Machine Interface). Using a touch screen, the skipper can control the maneuver of a visual, intuitive and simple way.

The system is flexible and adaptable to new requirements or specific customer needs.

From basic monitoring system to advanced systems for control and management of multiple process.

The remote functionality allows the remote connection and log files download. The technical service can use this functionality to remote assist, diagnosis and  upgrades.

Winch parameters monitoring:

  • Winch Speed: RPM, m/min, ft/min.
  • Wires Lenght
  • Wires Tension
  • Pressure & Temperature (hydraulic circuits)
  • Maneuver time

Autotrawl – Automatic Control of Maneuver

Different automatic control modes depending on vessel and winches types.


  • Shooting
  • Trawling
    • Constant Lenght
    • Constant Tension
    • Trawl geometry
    • Turn Function
  • Heaving

Tuna / Purse Seine Vessels

  • Heaving
    • Constant Speed
    • Constant Tension

Tow vessel

  • Shooting
  • Towing
    • Constant Tension
    • Scort Mode
    • Heaving
  • Heaving
  • Emergency Shooting

and our Autotrawl system has the following additional features:

Historical Graphs

SILECRED Control automático de maquinillas graficas
  • Data display in graphical format
  • Historical graph for each parameter

Alarm Management

  • Programmable Alarms
  • Alarm registers

Data Logging

  •  Local Data Storage

All data are recorded in a “csv” file. The system allows the access to these files via USB memory or via FTP.

Remote Management

SILECRED Control automático de maquinillas graficas

If the SILECRED is connected to a satellital system, remote connection could be enabled. This funtionality allows the files download, the on-line connection and the technical service tasks (diagnosis and upgrades).



The SILECRED basic version allows the real time monitoring of the winches. The system displayed the wire lenghts, the winch speed / working regimen (RPM & m/min or ft/min). Moreover, the system allows the Wire Tension monitoring (depending on winch system).

This SILECRED system is the full automatic control version. It allows the monitoring and the automatic control of the winch maneuvers. The system controlled the fishing or towing maneuvers in automatic way, improving the  process efficiency.