Winch Monitoring System.

The SILECRED basic version allows the real time monitoring of the winches. The system displayed the wire lenghts, the winch speed / working regimen (RPM & m/min or ft/min). Moreover, the system allows the Wire Tension monitoring (depending on winch system).

Real time information and datalogger of winch variables for maneuver efficency.

All data are displayed in numerical values and the system makes easy their understanding with trend graphs. In addition, the system allows the graphical display of each variable, analyzing their evolution over time.

The system incorporates programmable alarms with visual and audible indications.



Simple Operation:

Through the touch screen, the user needs only interact with the system to reset the counters at the start of the maneuver or when he makes modifications in the stowed cable on the winch. Very intuitive graphic interface.

Modular & Scalable:

With new functionalities, upgrading to our full autotrawl system or to the FCM system. Totally customizable system.

Up to 8 winches:

The SILECRED – Winch Monitoring can monitor from 1 to 8 winches. The estandar versions show 2 and 3 winches. Any other configuration must be indicated to Silecmar.

Robust System:

Hardware platform based on Programmable Controllers (PLCs) and Touch Screen (HMI). It not depends on OS and it is developed for a continuous work (24 hours, 365 days per year).


Tachometer sensor pack per winch

HMI TFT Touch Screen 10,4″

Ethernet Switch

Electrical Cabinet finished in numbered terminals

SILECRED Software Included

Installation drawings & Manuals

and our Autotrawl system has the following additional features:

Historical Graphs

SILECRED Control automático de maquinillas graficas
  • Data display in graphical format
  • Historical graph for each parameter

Alarm Management

  • Programmable Alarms
  • Alarm registers

Data Logging

  •  Local Data Storage

All data are recorded in a “csv” file. The system allows the access to these files via USB memory or via FTP.

Remote Management

SILECRED Control automático de maquinillas graficas

If the SILECRED is connected to a satellital system, remote connection could be enabled. This funtionality allows the files download, the on-line connection and the technical service tasks (diagnosis and upgrades).



This SILECRED system is the full automatic control version. It allows the monitoring and the automatic control of the winch maneuvers. The system controlled the fishing or towing maneuvers in automatic way, improving the  process efficiency.