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Management systems for on-board processes.

The system permits the management (monitoring in real-time, registers and historic data, reports, etc.) of on-board processes. Designed to optimise fuel management and energy efficiency, SILECGEST is able to control the entire fuel cycle: bunkering, consumption, storage (tank monitoring) and transfers.

Additionally, when installed in a fleet, the system is able to control multiple processes (vessel trim and heel, differences in draft, electricity consumption, water quality, temperatures, pressures and connected to any on-board device). This is a modular, configurable system that meets the needs of each connected vessel.

Modules available

With the implementation of the SILECGEST system, and thanks to the expertise of the SILECMAR engineering team, there is a series of predefined processes.

Bunkering/Fuel loads

Module to control fuel loads. Quantity, quality, avoiding errors and fraud in refuelling (density and temperature control).

Torque/Power of propeller shaft

This module provides the following information: + RPMs of the propeller shaft + Direction of shaft rotation + Power (KW) + Torque (Nm or µS/m)

pH levels and conductivity

This module permits the continuous monitoring and register of pH levels and conductivity of the engine cooling water.

Connection to electric motors

This module connects any electric motor to the SILECGEST system for monitoring and register.

Main engine consumption
Auxiliary motor consumption
Daily consumption
Transfer flow

This module allows for the monitoring of engine fuel consumption (main engine and auxiliary motors) or daily consumption. Apart from real-time consumption, the system also offers other functionalities such as average consumption, daily consumption and trends.

Inclination: Heel and Trim

This module provides the system with information to control the heel and trim of the vessel, including the calculation of differences in draft.

Fuel tank levels

Module for the monitoring and register of fuel tanks, indicating a fluid and volume height column.

Connection to bridge instruments

Connection to various bridge instruments and equipment, sounds, meteorological instruments, net monitoring and control systems (SILECRED) and any other system with an open communication protocol.

Electrical Power and Consumption

This module provides the system with information about electrical power and loads (electricity consumption, intensity and power).

Temperature Monitor

This module connects the SILECGEST system with a monitor of external temperatures. Connection, monitoring, alarms and register of temperatures using an external concentrator.

Process temperatures

Module for connecting temperature gauges and signals. The system is a temperature concentrator/register and permits the connection of as many temperature signals as required.

Pressure levels

The pressure module allows the system to connect to pressure gauges to monitor and control on.-board processes (air, water, oil, etc.).



The SILECGEST system provides local (on-board) and remote indicators of the controlled processes, providing real-time information and estimates for fuel savings and operation.


The system provides information and analysis, with a series of indicators in real-time for the optimisation of processes and maximum efficiency.


The SILECGEST system includes an artificial intelligence feature developed by SILECMAR. Using e-learning algorithms and techniques, the system provides predictive indicators for effective decision-making.


Direct and indirect. The indicators provided by the system permit decision-making to reduce fuel consumption, avoid breakdowns and control processes efficiently and effectively.


The system has been tested under all types of conditions and situations by a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the sector. This is a robust system that is easily maintained and designed for continuous on-board use.


The SILECGEST system permits the automation of processes, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing the inherent risks in operations.


With our SFMS service you can securely access information on your vessel using any device anywhere in the world. Our servers receive, process and store data from the SILECGEST systems permitting the user to consult and analyse on-board processes.


The systems developed by SILECMAR are modular, flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of each vessel and each client. Applicable on commercial fishing vessels, oceanographic vessels, merchant ships, tugboats, etc.

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